Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That's Entertainment! (apologies to MGM) - Tuesday 7/19

Tuesday held several wonderful events in store for me. The students and other faculty members were away on their Tuesday field trips, and I had an odd mix of experiences to encounter.

In the morning, I had the responsibility of holding office hours for the program. That means I was available for about two hours spanning the time period over which the field trips were scheduled to leave. The reason for that was to be available should any students need to stop by or contact me because they were too ill to participate in hteir field trips (which are mandatory). I had one student come in who was suffering from cold symptoms and exhaustion. Those are common ailments, especially as we get toward the end of the trip. Students tend to try to overdo things a little bit, and they don't eat well and they don't sleep well. That leaves them vulnerable to feeling sick. Anyway, this student mainly needed to get a little sleep and now is doing well. The make up fieldtrip on her own may be a bit challenging to work in, but that's one of the challenges of study abroad.

My day took an interesting turn for the better in the afternoon. Despite some more rain, I was pleased with my lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby. Then it was off to the movie theater. I had my ticket to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - finally. This was also going to be my first experience with British movie theaters. Judging from the cost to get in, it may well be my last. Movies here cost more than than what they do in the U.S. To see this movie in 3D during the low-cost matinee, it cost me the equivalent of a little more than $20 - and that's with no popcorn or anything! I guess it was worth it. I really enjoyed the movie, and it completes Hollywood's treatment of a very interesting set of books. I am teaching parts of the series while I am here htis summer, and I think my students really are looking forward to our discussions of the story. There are an intriguing number of Arthurian parallels with the story of Harry Potter. it makes for an interesting literary discussion.

After the movie, I met with some of the faculty members from the program. We had a very unique opportunity. One of them has a daughter who is in London with her own group of students, and she had purchased a set of group tickets to a musical. Some of her students decided not to go, so she made the tickets available to us. Boy, were we lucky. The musical is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - the Musical. I had a great time. The musical is based on the movie, and it follows the basic story very closely. All in all, this story of three drag queens travelling across the Australian outback in a borken down, pink bus called Priscilla is a campy riot to enjoy. The songs were rollicking. The costuming way over the top in extravagance. The set was very intriguing and effective. The performances were high-energy and engaging. In many ways, like my experience earlier this summer in New York with Sister Act on Broadway, and with A Beggar's Opera here in London, I laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Regrettably, photos aren't allowed in the theatre, so I have none. I don't even have a picture of the theatre sign or the play title sign - but I will. When I do get them, I will add them here.

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  1. I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon (finally!) after registration.