Friday, August 12, 2011

Calm before the storm - Friday 8/12

Today marks the last work day that I won't be dealing with students for the next 3 1/2 months. Work today consists of finishing up syllabuses, updating my instructor web page, and basically getting ready for first class meetings next Monday and Tuesday.

Other issues in my crazy existence have been and will be keeping me busy.

I have just restored my internet access from home after having lost my laptop's hard drive to a virus. Now I have a new desk top computer with basic bells and whistles.

I am planning on auditioning for the local community theatre's fall production, so if I am cast, I will be busy with that for a couple of months.

I have a couple of writing projects on the horizon, but more about those as they get into the works.

I have started rehearsals with the local community choir, the Tifton Choral Society. We have some interesting music to work on - a requiem by Saint Saens and a choral work by Bach. Both pieces are challenging, but when we get them prepared, they should be quite beautiful.

On Sunday, the college is having its Freshman Convocation. It interferes with rehearsal for the choral society, but that is not the only objectionable issue with its timing. However, I won't say anything more about academic politics here. That would get me off on a tangent that I don't think I want to follow in this blog.

Anyway, I suspect there will be more frequent updates to this blog, though perhaps not daily, once classes begin next week. This has become an interesting outlet for my ideas about what I am doing, so I intend to keep up with it. I will also try to post pictures from time to time as well. They make the blog so much nicer to look at.

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  1. What's the Fall play going to be? I really missed the plays last year!