Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to work - Tuesday 8/2

I am back at work. It's not full time yet, but I did drop in to the office to get a few things taken care of. Hey, it's a way to keep from mowing the grass.

We were supposed to be wrapping up the filming this week on the movie project I am involved with. However, with the daily threat of rain and the fact that our filming is outdoors for most of the remaining scenes, all added to the fact that this is a film about people dealing with a drought, and you'll see why the rain in the forecast isn't a good thing - for this project, that is. It's a great thing for the area, and especially the farmers, since we have been actually going through a drought!

Now that my travel to England is done, my postings will probably be few and far between. Then again, perhaps not too far between. I still have a lot of musings that may find their way in here. In addition, I am sure that I will be including things about the movie once the final scene schedule is announced.

So, if you are interested, you can still join me in the library (the background picture is of Sir Walter Scot's personal library at his home in Abbotsford, Scotland) for a review of what is happening. Who knows, I may have some more travel related postings in the future. 

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